How affordable? Go ahead, price it out.
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.
Employee reviews that actually make a difference? Believe it.
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.
Do our Employees see the link between performance and compensation? Clearly.
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.
My Company's Employee Reviews? Already done.
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.
Employee Administration off of my plate. Check.
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.
Implement a performance-based compensation structure. Check.
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.
Do we spend our compensation dollars wisely? We do now.
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.
Is HR Outsourcing the Way of the Future? No Question!
Total HR Outsourcing for Small and Mid-size Business.

The HR Outsourcing Revolution is Here

There is an undeniable shift in the world that is creating huge urgency for Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMB). In the face of global competition, the stakes have never been bigger. That shift is towards the outsourcing economy and that means it’s essential for all SMBs to constantly assess every non-core activity. The priority must be on finding ways to reduce costs, increase effectiveness and shed mental load – all in favour of advancing a laser-like focus on their core business.

How We Got Here

The outsourcing economy has in fact been on a steady march for decades. From bookkeeping to payroll, staffing and Health & Safety, I.T. and most recently, software-as-a-service – non-core business activities have been put in the crosshairs in favour of better solutions. Solutions that are now available at a far more economical rate compared to conducting them in-house.

There’ll Be Winners and Losers

SMBs that structure themselves to relentlessly focus on delivering a better front-end experience will generate more revenues and profits. Those with the best core business practices will be positioned to transform themselves for long term success. (Think growth, M&A, turn-around, and succession.) Human Resources activities are now a mainstream part of SMB outsourcing strategies. The momentum has shifted and those still harbouring outmoded thinking are destined to feel the impact of not keeping pace.

A New Awareness

SMBs were long reluctant to allow outsiders to manage their employee administration. Company leaders maintained a strong grip on these tasks and lacked any trust that others could better manage them. What has emerged, though, is the realization that SMBs inherently lack the systems, expertise, and management capacity to properly manage employee administration, and performance and compensation management; And that substantial missed opportunities result from this critical management gap.


A Workforce Competitive Advantage

With HR, there is way more at stake than the cost, effectiveness and focus delivered by outsourcing. SMBs universally struggle to make any meaningful and sustainable gains to the quality of their workforce, typically living a one-step-forward, one-step-back existence. That’s because they are unable to benefit from the Employee Administration and Performance and Compensation Management best practices. HR outsourcing is the only route for SMBs to exploit proven practices and build a workforce-based competitive advantage. Which company would you bet on to successfully navigate growth, M&A, turn-around, and/or succession?



No More Half Measures

HRO combines the software and systems, expertise, and management capacity into integrated, practical, and affordable services. It immediately enables a critical transition that is otherwise out of reach for SMB.


Every Revolution Needs a Leader

MQL’s sole purpose is to lead the HRO revolution for SMB. We are the only HRO Company that delivers the full spectrum of Employee Administration and Strategic HR solutions. That means building onto core employee administration and delivering the highest levels of Employee retention and motivation through performance and compensation management best practices. Pricing is affordable to all progressive SMBs. In all respects, our clients have what they need before they even know they need it.

But Don’t Take It From Us

If the proof is in the process, then we defer to our clients to provide the clearest assessment of why our HRO services are the best of their kind for SMB.

  • I recommend MQL to any firm that wants to get off of the HR treadmill and onto building their Company for the future.

    Ryan Gorman President
  • MQL made performance and compensation management practical and affordable right from start up.

    Aaron Hill, P. Eng Principal
  • MQL clearly impacts our Employee retention. They ensure that we make the right performance and compensation decisions at the right time to build a highly competitive workforce.

    Ian Lang General Manager
  • With MQL behind our start-up, we can build the workforce we need while remaining focused on our business priorities.

    Adam Pender Founder

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